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Ryan Pedigo Hanoverian Stallion

The goal of Ryan Pedigo Hanoverians is breeding horses that can perform at the highest levels of competition, be it Show Hunters, Grand Prix Dressage or Show Jumping. In order to reach this goal, a horse must have good conformation, a functional and preferably attractive conformation/appearance, correct movement and an agreeable character.

Ryan Pedigo has distinguished himself in the industry by selecting high quality foundation mares that have proven offspring and the best Stallions, aiming his breeding operation towards two distinct directions: Riding Horses, which are subdivided into the Show Hunter, Dressage and Show Jumping disciplines. These make up the largest group (80-85%). The second group is future breeding stock, either Elite Mares or Stallions.  


All horses fall under the general AHS breeding goal:


The Hanoverian breed is particularly destined for equestrian sport. The horses are meant to be suitable for performance and pleasure riding purposes because of their inner properties, rideability, conformation, sequence of motion, jumping capabilities and health. This is the basis for breeding horses with the main focus been placed on one of the equestrian disciplines; Show Hunters, Dressage or Show Jumping." ~ AHS

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