Our Broodmares

EMC Winnifred PF 

Elite Mare Candidate Hanoverian Mare by Wellesley PF – World Cup IV - Feiner Stern – Trapper.

EM Winnifred PF is sired by our famous Hanoverian stallion Wellesley PF, whose valuable long heritage goes back many generations thru the very famous W-Line. This is one of the oldest bloodlines in the development of the Hanoverian breed. Wellesley PF's sire, World Cup IV, was imported from Germany as a young stallion and went on to sire some very notable and successful performance horses, elite mares, state premium mares and licensed stallions. Winnifred's dam, the State Premium Mare Frederika by Feiner Stern, was imported from Germany as a young mare, producing an outstanding number of Elite Mares herself. Winnifred PF received very high marks during her AHS mare inspection and carries the bloodline of pure royalty.  As her bloodline confirms, Winnifred is a first-class mare who has produced consistently for many foal crops as a dam, a grand dam and now a great grand dam. 

EMC Princez Wymsey PF

Elite Mare Candidate Hanoverian Mare by Popeye K – Voltaire . World Cup IV – Feiner Stern .


Princez Wymsey PF is sired by the famous hunter stallion Popeye K, a legendary stallion who is one of the most accomplished Working Hunter Confirmation Stallions in the US to date. The striking son of the notable Stallion Voltaire, Popeye K has had a long remarkable career as a show horse from the beginning of his career in Canada where he was bred, to his arrival to famous hunter rider Tommy Sario were the pair soared to great successes together. Popeye K has gone on to sire many famous hunter and performance horses.


Princez Wymsey PF is a spectacular mare whose outstanding pedigree says it all - for her great success not only as a performance horse but as a great producer, she exhibits her sires and grandsires powerful appearance, movement, and superb conformation. Like her dam EMC Winnifred PF - by Wellesley PF, she is very solid minded, moves in powerful stride, yet glides across the ground and jumps in beautiful scopy style, all qualities of her dam Winnifred PF.  

EM Spice PF

Elite Hanoverian Mare by Sam Steele PF – Sherlock Holmes - Eklatant . Eichendorff – Barsoi xx .


EM Spice PF is sired by our Hanoverian stallion Sam Steele PF, son of the famous Sherlock Holmes, a notable German Stallion who placed second in his performance test with outstanding scores. Like his sire, Sam Steele PF is an outstanding stallion who brings not only some of the finest Hanoverian bloodlines, but also impressive movement, jumping scope, rideability and a superb temperament. From Sam Steele's first foal crop to his most current, he consistently produces top performing sport horses as well top producing broodmares. Sam Steele stamps them all with his abundance of wonderful qualities.


Spice PF, like her dam SPS Esplanade from the E-Line, is an outstanding producer of top sport horses.  It's no surprise, as she comes from a long line of some of the finest Hanoverian blood, Spice has quite the producing resume.

EM Mathilda PF

Elite Hanoverian Mare by Merlin PF – Matcho x . Feiner Stern – Trapper.


Winner of the Dr Hartwig Prize & The Bari Von Buedingen Memorial Trophy & Top Scoring Jumping Young Mare Of North America.


Grand Dam - EM Mathilda PF sired by our foundation stallion Merlin/Magic PF by Matcho x. This very extraordinary Hanoverian mare captured multiple honours during her AHS - Elite Mare Performance Test scoring top marks, earning her the Top Scoring Jumping Young Mare of North America Title,  winner of Two AHS prestigious perpetual trophies "The Dr. Hartwig Prize ,and "The Bari van Buedingen Memorial Trophy". EM Mathilda PF has gone on to produce some of the finest offspring, starting with prestigious foal awards, to great successes competing in multiple sport horse disciplines to great notability, son Wolfe WF earning a name for himself in the hunter ring, as well as daughter Waltzing Mathilda WF, daughter Willa PF a producer of top offspring herself, as well a large list of other top offspring.

EM Samantha PF

Elite Hanoverian Mare by Sam Steele PF – Sherlock Holmes . Feiner Stern - Trapper .


Winner of the Dr Hartwig Prize & The Bari Von Buedingen Memorial Trophy & Top Scoring Jumping Young Mare Of North America . 

Grand Dam - EM Samantha PF, sired by our stallion Sam Steele PF by Sherlock Holmes , is a very decorated Elite Mare receiving top marks during her mare performance test, capturing "The Top Scoring Jumper Young Mare of North America Title". Also, the winner of two prestigious perpetual trophies; "The Dr Hartwig Prize" and "The Bari Von Buedingen Memorial Trophy".  As Samantha's outstanding pedigree and successes indicate; she passes to her offspring: great rideability, super movement,  jumping scope and correct conformation. These attributes are consistent traits passed from her sire Sam Steele PF who had a very successful stallion testing in which he showcased his rideability, athleticism, outstanding mind, great conformation, willingness to work, correct jumping style and scope. 




EM Mercedes PF 

Elite Hanoverian Mare by Merlin PF – Matcho x . Feiner Stern - Trapper .


Winner & Top Scoring Mare during her AHS Mare Performance Test .

Grand Dam - EM Mercedes PF, sired by our foundation stallion Merlin/Magic PF by Matcho x , Mercedes is a modern refined Hanoverian mare who exudes quality, class, and sophistication. As to be expected, Mercedes was the winner and top scoring mare during her AHS Mare Performance Test. And to date a top producer, to great grandmother, of some of the most decorated stock who have successfully excelled as performing sport horses, to top producing mares themselves.

EMC Winona PF

Elite Mare Candidate Hanoverian Mare . By Wellesley PF - World Cup IV . Matcho x - Feiner Stern.


Winner of her AHS Mare Inspection


EMC Winona PF - Sired by Wellesley PF by World Cup IV , Winona is an exceptional Hanoverian mare who demands attention for her exceptional qualities. Capturing The Top Scoring Mare Title at her inspection. Winona excelled very quickly during her training prior to becoming a member of the broodmare band, with a very successful producing record. Winona's correctness, three outstanding gates, athleticism, willingness, are qualities that have always been passed to her offspring who's great successes as top sport horses, are a product of their outstanding pedigree.

Uptown Girl PF

Elite Mare Candidate - Hanoverian mare sired by the great Popeye K . For Pleasure - Feiner Stern . 

Uptown Girl PF - Sire by one of the most decorated hunter sires to date, Popeye K, who's impressive linage begins with The Great Voltaire, both top sires stamping their top sport horse and producing offspring with: super jumping scope, athleticism, good looks, presence, beautiful movement, superb conformation. Uptown Girl PF truly exhibits all the qualities desired in both a top sport horse and top producer. Notable qualities, to her dam Frederika II PF who is sired by the highly decorated Multi Olympian Hanoverian stallion For Pleasure. Prior to officially joining the broodmare band, Uptown Girl accomplished multiple career highlights, to name a few Show Championships, Breed Awards, Blue Ribbon Winnings, and Top Scoring Mare Presented at her AHS - RLS Inspection.

EMC Willa PF

Elite Mare Candidate - Hanoverian Mare by Wellesley PF - Matcho x - Feiner Stern.

EM Willa PF - sired by Wellesley PF who's strong linage of the W-Line brings great versatility, like sire World Cup IV, Wellesley had proven to be a stallion of great versatility in which would be a highlighted trait that both sired indeed passed onto their top sport horse offspring. Willa PF a mare of great quality has produced a group of very special sport horses, who exhibit great scope and jumping style, rideability, athletism, correctness, and outstanding willingness to please. Notable to her dam Mathilda PF daughter of Matcho x, Willa is an outstanding mare a product of outstanding linage. 

EM Micaela PF 

Grand Dam Elite Mare by Merlin PF - Feiner Stern - Trapper.


EM Micaela PF a grand dam foundation mare of our breeding program, who's rich linage truly showcases her grandness, sired by Merlin/Magic PF son of The Great German Producing Stallion Matcho x, Matcho x who's astonishing producing record needs no introduction as one of the most decorated producing stallions in Germany's history. Micaela PF like her sire is a very consistent producer, who stamps her offspring with all the qualities to be desired for a top sport horse. Micaela's daughters have produced with as much notable success as their dam; the rich lineage present thru many generations, as grand dam Micaela PF's producing legacy strongly lives on.

Sheba D’ Princess PF

Elite Mare Candidate - Hanoverian Mare by Sam Steele PF - Matcho x - Feiner Stern.


Sheba D' Princess PF - sired by Sam Steele PF.  Sam Steele's notable stallion licensing performance test at Paxton Farm, scoring 119.44/5 in Jumping, 97.95/13 Under Saddle and an overall score of 106.40/10/20. Sam Steele clearly brings versatility, rideability, and super minded offspring, an notable trait of sire The Great German Stallion Sherlock Holmes who placed second in his performance test in Verband-Germany, 43 stallions we're presented, Sherlock Holmes earned a high score of 141.14 for rideability and 139.76 for Jumping. Sheba D' Princess PF top producing resume bring great versatility, jumping scope and style, super movement, correctness, and a solid good mind to her offspring. Like dam Micaela PF, Sheba showcases linage of some very successful sport horse producers, who's rich pedigree's bring versatility and solid minded horses.

Miss Maples PF

Elite Mare Candidate by Merlin PF - World Cup IV - Feiner Stern.


Miss Maples PF - sired by Merlin/Magic PF, son of Matcho x, Merlin's notable producing legacy has truly proven to be extravagant and everlasting. Merlin's outstanding stallion performance testing laid down the golden brick path for the outstanding Hanoverian Stallion at November Hill Farm.  Merlin showcased his great talents, and potential with impressive jumping scores of 134.26/1, riding scores of  122.10/2  and an overall score of 127.41/9.  Merlin, is the son of the world renowned German Hanoverian Stallion Matcho x, sport horse producing legend, and winner of his 1982 Performance Test at Adelheidsdorf. Miss Maples PF is a mirror image in quality of her rich linage, showcasing many qualities of both her sire and her grandsire. A proven producer herself, Miss Maples offspring's great qualities as follows: versatility, jumping scope and great form, rideabilty, correctness, super movement, and a solid willing minds. Miss Maples movie star good looks truly exhibit her class, talent, and outstanding linage in which she bring to our broodmare band.

EMC Webi Shebelli PF

Elite Mare candidate by Wellesley PF - World Cup IV - EM Mercedes PF - Merlin PF - Matcho x.


EMC Webi Shebelli PF is sired by our stallion Wellesley PF, the last son of the great World Cup IV,  goes back to the famous W-Line of German origin stallions;  Woermann, Wohler and World Cup I. This historic pure Hanoverian bloodline goes back centuries to the evolution of the Hanoverian breed as we know it today. Wellesley PF was an exceptional stallion to represent the great W-Line as he has been an outstanding producing stallion in breeding and in his great career as a dressage competitor who also very much enjoyed jumping. On the mark, all of Wellesley's great quality's including his big powerful light movement as he glides across the ground, his willingness to work, his super temperament, great rideability, athleticism and careful yet big jumping style are consistently seen in every one of his offspring.


Webi Shebelli PF has proven to produce consistent top foals, like herself, giving her offspring all of the best qualities sought after in a top performance horse. She excelled very quickly in her training before becoming a part of the Ryan Pedigo Hanoverians broodmare band. As a second generation broodmare Webi Shebelli PF daughters and granddaughters have found great success as well: 

• Snow White PF by Sam Steele PF (foals Marshall J. PF and 2019 foal by Black Tie PF)

• Savannah Rose PF by Sam Steele PF

• Strawberry Shortcake PF by Sam Steele PF.

EM Morgan Le Fay PF

Elite Hanoverian Mare by Merlin PF - Feiner Stern - Trapper 


Morgan Le Fay PF - sired by Merlin/Magic PF, Morgan successfully competed in the top hunter divisions showing in both the US and Canada, where she captured multiple show championships thru the First Year Green Division, then going onto a successful career competing in the Children Hunters Division. Later, Morgan came to join our breeding program where she has very successfully produced some outstanding sport horses. Morgan's abundance of qualities truly mirror both her sire Merlin PF son of Matcho x, and dam Frederika daughter of Feiner Stern. Morgan's impressive accomplishments are not only celebrated in the show ring, but as a top producer of sport horses. Like Grandsire Matcho x, Morgan brings versatility, rideability, jumping scope, beautiful style, correctness in conformation, super movement and an abundance of good looks to all of her offspring. 

EMC Frederika II PF

Elite Mare Candidate - Hanoverian Mare. For Pleasure - Feiner Stern - Trapper


Frederika II PF - Granddaughter of the Olympic Stallion, For Pleasure, one of the worlds most successful show jumping, and producing sires, with earnings of 1.8 million euros, member of the German Show Jumping Team - Winning Gold Four Times, earning multiple National and International Titles. Frederika's sire Federalist by For Pleasure had a very successful career in the advanced level jumpers, guided by national riders, Federalist power and scope mirrored his great sire For Pleasure. Frederika's notable producing resume is quite impressive, her offspring truly showcase their great pedigree, attributes to their both impressive sire and grandsire. Frederika's grown offspring have both captured and celebrated many great successes in their versatility as show hunters, three day event competitors and top producing broodmares.

EM Wellgunde PF

Elite Hanoverian Mare by World Cup IV - Eichendorf - Barsoi


EM Wellgunde PF - a full sister to our Hanoverian Stallion Wellesley PF, their Great Sire World Cup IV a notable decendant of the famous W-Line. Wellgunde has celebrated a very successful producing career which has span over 17 years, with her breeding to Hanoverian Stallion Merlin/Magic PF, son of the great Hanoverian Stallion Matcho x, a breeding combination which became her claim to fame.  Generiously, Wellgunde has produced some very outstanding sport horses who have successfully competed in national competitions. Her offspring have exhibited the ultimate in qualities in which has allowed them to shine. 

PF's Cora W

Canadian Warmblood Mare by Cabardino - Carpaccio / Rio Grande - Raphael.


PF's Cora W - 2016 Canadian Warmblood Mare  Sired by the world renowned Hunter Stallion, Cabardino, who holds notable Titles as one of the most successful competing hunter stallions to date, as well as a top sport horse producer. 


Cora's lower side of her pedigree is just as grand, with her dams line beginning with the world renowned Olympic Show Jumping Stallion, Rio Grande, who needs no introduction, as well as the top German Show Jumping Stallion Diamant whose outstanding pedigree says it all.

PF's Dilligence W

Canadian Warmblood Mare by Diamo Blue - Diarado - Diamant De Semilly / Futurist - For Pleasure.


PF's Dilligence W - 2017 Canadian Warmblood Mare whose pedigree showcases the finest show jumping bloodlines. The top side of Dilligence's pedigree are some of the finest jumping sires, including Diamo Blue, who needs no introduction, grandson of Chacco Blue and Diamant de Semilly. Sire Diamo Blue began his very successful career as a show jumper in Germany, but was then imported to America, where he achieved some of the most notable successes as a top show hunter derby competitor, as well as siring an indefinite number of top sport horses who are all still currently active in the show circuit. 


Furthering this outstanding mare's pedigree, the lower side of her pedigree exhibits the finest show jumping sires, Futurist (For Pleasure - Matcho AA) and the great Olympic Stallion Rio Grande.

PF's Gemini W

Oldenburg Mare by Rio Grande - Raphael - Ramiro / Cabardino - Carpaccio.


PF's Gemini W - 2015 Oldenburg Mare. Gemini has an outstanding pedigree that showcases her abundance of qualities. Additionally, Gemini is a full sibling to our young stallion PF's Rio W. Gemini's sire, Olympic show jumper extraordinaire, Rio Grande, needs no introduction.


Furthermore, on the lower side of Gemini's pedigree is the great refining hunter stallion, Cabardino (Caretino - Caletto II - Cor de la Bryere) and Laval I. 

PF's Velvet W

Oldenburg Mare by Viva Voltaire - Voltaire / Cabardino - Carpaccio.


PF's Velvet W - 2017 Oldenburg Mare. Sired by the great German Imported Stallion Viva Voltaire, whose elite pedigree showcases some of the finest show jumping bloodlines; such as, Voltaire - Grannus - Argentinus; to name a few. Additionally, further enriching Velvet's outstanding linage are world renown sire's, refining hunter stallion Cabardino (Caletto II - Cor de la Bryere) and the world renowned Olympic Stallion Rio Grande.

PF's Vivacious W

Canadian Warmblood Mare by Viva Voltaire - Voltaire / Futurist - For Pleasure.


PF's Vivacious W - 2017 Canadian Warmblood Mare whose pedigree consists of some of the finest show jumping bloodlines; from sire Viva Voltaire by the famous Voltaire who needs no introduction, another notable sire on the top side of Vivacious's pedigree the world renown Argentinus.


Vivacious's lower half of her pedigree showcases spectacular show jumping successes, top show jumping sire's Futurist (For Pleasure - Matcho A.A. - Argentan) and the great Olympic Stallion Rio Grande (Raphael - Windhuk).

PF's Venetta W

Oldenburg Mare by Viva Voltaire - Voltaire / Rio Grande - Raphael.

PF's Venetta W - 2017 Oldenburg Mare . Sired by the Top Show Jumping Sire Viva Voltaire who great successes need no introduction , Viva Voltaire is sired by the great Voltaire . Along with a few other notable sires among the top of Venetta's pedigree being Matcho A.A. and Argentinus. 

Furthermore, Venetta's lower side of her pedigree showcases the top Olympic Show Jumping Stallion, Rio Grande, whose rich legacy is celebrated in all facets of the sport horse world. To further this outstanding pedigree is the much sought after German Show Jumping Sire Kassio in the Dam line.

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