Ryan Pedigo

Pictured: A commissioned portrait of Ryan jumping ES Wellesley PF, by Ms. Beth Munnings-Winter, of ‘Original Munnings Art’, now proudly hangs in the AHS’s office in Lexington Kentucky. 

Ryan R. Pedigo, a native of Southern California, spent his summers on his family’s farm in Oregon. Through his teenage years, Ryan lived on the family farm for 5 years. During that time, Ryan learned key horsemanship skills that would serve as a strong foundation from which to build himself into a true all-around equestrian professional.

After returning to California from the family farm, Ryan entered into business with top hunter trainer and horseman, Ron Kennedy, of Kennedy Farms. The joint business flourished for 19 years, and eventually became Kennedy-Pedigo Farms. Ron Kennedy was very influential in Ryan’s development as a top-equestrian, and professional horseman. Kennedy-Pedigo Farms demonstrated itself as a top “A” hunter training facility.

In 2015 Ryan branched-out on his own, and founded 3 business endeavours, branching out to support three different aspects of the industy: Pedigo Farms, Ryan Pedigo Hanoverians, and Pedigo Farms Riding School. Ryan relocated his business to a 10-acre farm in beautiful Riverside California. The farm is nestled adjacent to hundreds of acres of orange groves of the California Citrus State Historical Park. 

Pedigo Farms is an exclusive, privately owned, full-service, all-inclusive boutique training barn catering to the A-Circuit hunter-rider and equine athlete; with a host of amenities. Pedigo Farms attends multiple “A-Circuit” shows though-out the year, and provides a tailored training program for each horse, and rider. 

Ryan Pedigo Hanoverians is a prominent boutique breeding program, founded with a passion for Hanoverian horses. Ryan has personally, carefully hand-selected each of his elite stallions, and mares.  This endeavour is dedicated to offering exceptional sport horses to buyers, and investors. Ryan Pedigo Hanoverians is currently standing seven world-class stallions at stud, an elite band of carefully selected broodmares, and an outstanding selection of talented young stock (from custom breeding / or in-utero).


Ryan Pedigo with a young stallion prospect, Major Marco PF (x Merlin PF)

In addition, Ryan Pedigo Farms hosts their annual Pedigo Farms Christmas Party, a lavish event for his clients and friends set amongst many of the horses, in the main barn isle, over a blanket of straw. The main barn is decked-out in wonderful Christmas décor, including red table cloths, in a family cozy atmosphere.


Ryan is very hands-on daily between, foaling, breeding, stallion-handling, mare-handling, foal-handling, inspection to sale preparation, training, and showing. Ryan always looks forward to meeting the year’s newest foal crop of little Hanoverians, and selecting the new breeding season’s stallion, and mare combinations. 

Ryan takes immense pride in his involvement with The American Hanoverian Society (AHS). In 2017, the AHS bestowed a great tribute to one of Ryan’s foundation stallions, Wellesley PF, who recently passed away. Ryan has therefore sponsored a perpetual trophy in honor of Wellesley PF, the “The ES Wellesley Memorial Trophy.” This trophy stands in memory of the late foundation stallion ES Wellesley, and will be awarded to the year-end AHS top-earning-hunter-horse. In honour of this perpetual trophy, a dear friend of Ryan’s, a very famous artist, Ms. Beth Munnings-Winter, of ‘Munnings Original Art’, commissioned a wonderful piece of artwork. A portrait of Ryan jumping ES Wellesley PF now proudly hangs in the AHS’s office in Lexington Kentucky. At the Annual AHS Awards Banquet Ryan presents a plaque to the winner of the ‘Top Performing Hunter Horse’, in memory of a wonderful stallion. 

Ryan Pedigo photographed here with Elite Stallion Sam Steele PF, one of the foundation stallions of Ryan Pedigo Hanoverians and a top producer of broodmares and classic hunters. Also photographed in his farm office and with two young offspring from his breeding program.  Ryan takes an active role in the daily operation of the farm.

Pedigo Farms Riding School caters to the beginner level equestrian, as well as the advanced level equestrian. The riding school also provides opportunities for riders to lease, and/or purchase a horse, with emphasis on pairing the right horse, with the right rider, as the rider develops. 

Ryan’s abundance of knowledge and experience serves to benefit each riding lesson provided, each young horse trained, each experienced horse fine-tuned, and prepares clients and horses to perform at their best level for the show-ring. Ryan has achieved great successes as a rider, and has numerous horse-show championships under his belt. His accomplishments include: circuit championships, zone final championships, USEF championships, USHJA top placings, WCHR top zone placings, qualified WCHR for Capitol Challenge- “World Champion Hunter Rider Emerging Professional”, and multiple AHS year-end championship performance awards. Ryan’s achievements have also been noted in various equestrian publications, with articles written about him, and has also been featured on the covers of several magazines. 

Ryan takes tremendous pride in his barn, and it shows. Each horse and rider associated with Pedigo Farms serves to benefit from Ryan’s exuberance, and tenacity. Ryan’s attention to the smallest details create a truly tailored, very special, custom training program for each horse and rider.

Ryan, Pedigo Farms, and the Ryan Pedigo Hanoverian team, always warmly welcome newcomers, and are looking forward to greeting new friends in the coming years. 

8490 Dufferin Avenue

Riverside, California



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